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Even though I really like thrillers Domestic Thrillers are actually kind of new to me. I don’t know why I haven’t started reading them sooner because most of the ones I have read have been really good. Most of them make you wonder if these types of books can actually happen to you.

I know it’s something that I have actually questioned before because the things that have happened in domestic thrillers can easily happen in real life. In fact, I’m sure a lot of these things that happen in the books are based on real-life events. I know when I write I base it on things I have seen or things I have heard.

Domestic Thrillers

It’s hard, at least for me, to write anything that doesn’t have even the littlest bit of something that I have experienced. So, knowing this I think it makes domestic thrillers even creepier. It almost makes you want to watch your back a little bit more.

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What is a Domestic Thriller

Domestic Thrillers are for the most part very similar to crime thrillers but with a few psychological elements added to them. They take place in familiar situations and make you question if this could really happen to you.

Domestic thrillers follow relationships and the whole situation is very relatable. I think this is why so many people like them as well.

Domestic Thrillers

Here is the list of Domestic Thrillers. Let me know in the comments if there is anything that I may have missed. What are some of your favorite domestic thrillers?

Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

Domestic thrillers

So, there for a while, B. A. Paris’s books were popping up all over my feed. Everyone was talking about her books and how they are so good! Granted I still haven’t read any of them even though I have tried.

I think her books are just not really for me. Just recently I had started one of them but I struggled to get into it. I may try again at some point but I don’t know.

But I do know that some of you guys who read my posts will probably like some of her stuff.

Here is what Behind Closed Doors is about.

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He is handsome and the perfect lawyer. He has never lost a case. Grace is the perfect homemaker and she does a great job at keeping the house up, cooking, and gardening. Some people think that they have true love while others are wondering why Grace never answers her phone. They are also questioning why she never hangs out with them even though she’s always at home. Is it really the perfect marriage? Or is it all a lie?

I do have to say that this particular domestic thriller does sound interesting. If you’re interested in this book then you can find it through the links below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Never Let you Go

This is the first time I’m actually hearing about Never Let You Go and about this particular author. I’m kind of surprised even though I know that I can’t hear of every single thriller. I just figured that since this one seems pretty good I figured it may have gotten more hype. Then again I probably didn’t have my blog when this one came out.

I feel like books like this kind of make you scared of getting married. It makes you not really trust anyone because they are able to hide it well. I don’t think I could imagine having to run away with my son and hide for a while. Not only that but it would really suck for that person to be released from prison.

Here is what Never Let You Go is about.

Eleven years ago Lindsey escaped her abusive relationship with her daughter. Now she has the life that she wants for herself and her now teenage daughter. She owns her own business and she’s happy. When her ex-husband is released from prison she thought she has cut all ties with him. In fact, she doesn’t think he can even find her. But when she starts feeling like she’s being watched she realizes that her husband may have in fact found where they lived.

Have you guys read this one yet?

Amazon | Bookshop

We’re All Lying

So not only is We’re All Lying a domestic thriller but it also seems like it’s a psychological thriller. This is one that I haven’t really heard of as well but it does seem like it’s one that I would enjoy though.

I don’t know what it is about thrillers where someone outside of the marriage kind of gives them a run for their money. This is something that I obviously wouldn’t want to deal with but I love reading about it.

It would creep me out that someone I didn’t even really know knew so much about me and my relationship.

Here is what We’re All Lying is about.

Cass lives a perfect life. She has the best husband and the best kids. They have done really great so far. That is up until Cass gets an email from her husband’s mistress. That’s when her life comes crumbling down. A crazy email turns into stalking and then turns into something much worse. Cass and her husband try to move on but Emma, Cass’s husband’s mistress, disappears. Now Cass is no longer the victim but the prime suspect.

Have you read this one yet?

Amazon | Bookshop

The Perfect Son | A creepy domestic thriller

Considering that I have a son the idea of this domestic thriller makes me a little paranoid. Granted I really don’t think that my son would grow up to be something like this. But this is something that you may not see happening in front of your eyes.

Some parents can see it almost immediately as their children are growing while others completely miss it. But the idea of the person you pretty much created being a very bad person is kind of a scary thought to me. I’m hoping this is one that I can get to soon!

Here is what the Perfect Son is about.

Erika thinks that she has a perfect life and a perfect family. That is until two detectives show up at her front door. A high school girl has vanished from their quiet and safe suburbs. The police suspect murder and Erika’s son was the last person to see her. Erika has always seen something dark in her son. And the evidence kind of piles up against him. But how far will she go to protect him?

If you’re interested in The Perfect Son you can find them through the link below.


The Wives

The Wives is one of those books that I actually need to reread. I listened to the audiobook probably sometime last year and I have a tendency to not retain many audiobooks. I do remember that at the time I actually did like the book, but now I don’t really remember much about it.

Here is what The Wives is about.

The wives follows Thursday. She’s married to a man who has two other wives. She has never met them and she doesn’t really know anything about them either. She agreed to all of this because she has been crazy about her husband since the day she met him. But one day she finds something that makes her realize that her husband isn’t really the best person.

Now that I have written the description for this domestic thriller it brought back some of what I read. I do remember loving how it ended even though it’s the type of ending that not a lot of readers are really going to like. In fact, it is one of those types of endings that is probably going to make a lot of readers mad but I loved it.

If you’re interested in The Wives then you can find it through the links below.

Amazon | Bookshop

My Lovely Wife

Domestic thrillers

It has been a while since I read My Lovely Wife but this is definitely one book that I would love to reread again soon. This is one that I actually listened to the audiobook through the Libby app.

To be honest I’m not really sure what made me decide to actually read this one. I think it’s one book that popped up on my Instagram and it immediately caught my attention. This is the type of book that I love to read because there are twists and turns all throughout the book.

Here is what this domestic thriller is about!

My Lovely Wife follows a couple who has been married for fifteen years. Their marriage was getting a little bit boring until it finally stopped being boring. They have finally figured something out that will make their relationship more interesting. But this isn’t your typical thing to make your relationship more interesting. Everyone has dark secrets in a relationship, right?

This is such a great book and does a really great job at keeping your interest. The story is fast-paced and I’m actually kind of wondering where the author had gotten her inspiration for this at. This was a storyline I haven’t come across until obviously this book!

I actually want to read so much more by this particular author.

If you’re interested in My Lovely Wife then you can find it through the links below.

Amazon | Bookshop

The Mother in Law a fast-paced domestic thriller to add to your TBR

Domestic thrillers

The Mother in Law actually really caught my attention when I was doing some research on this list. I have seen so many posts on TikTok where women have the worst mothers-in-law.

To me, this would really suck because if you really love your husband then you kind of want to be close to his family as well. But that doesn’t always happen since mothers want the best for their children and sometimes don’t know how to step back.

This is partly why I hope I end up being a better mother to my son unlike some of these other mothers.

Here is what The Mother-in-Law is about.

When Lucy meets her husband’s mother, Diana, she is kept at arm’s length. Granted Diana is polite but Lucy knows that she isn’t what Diana envisioned for her son. That was five years ago. Now Diana is found dead with a suicide note stating that she didn’t want to live any longer with cancer inside of her. But when an autopsy is done they don’t find cancer. But what they do find is poison and suffocation. Who could have possibly killed her?

If you’re interested in this domestic thriller then you can find it through the links below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Every Vow You Break

Domestic Thrillers

Every Vow You Break is another book that I actually checked out from the library Libby app. In fact, I actually listened to the audiobook version of it.

I’m so glad that I checked this one out because I absolutely loved it. This is one that actually grasped my attention from the very beginning of the book.

You know I could not imagine cheating on my spouse at all. I especially could not imagine cheating right before our wedding. I would feel so guilty about it and I would probably wind up telling him. It’s something I don’t really think I could move forward from. But if I were anything like the girl in this book I think my anxiety would really be on high alert. I couldn’t do it.

Here is what Every Vow You Break is about.

Abigail never thought she would fall in love with a millionaire. That is until she meets Bruce Lamb. The night before the wedding she has a drunken one-night stand at her bachelorette party. Instead of not getting married she puts the whole incident behind her with the cute guy she slept with. While on her honeymoon that mysterious guy shows up. How did he know where she was? Should she tell Bruce about her one-night stand? Or can she get rid of the mysterious stranger?

If you’re interested in this book then you can find it through the links below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Not a Happy Family

Domestic Thrillers

Not a Happy Family isn’t really a bad book but I did find myself getting a little bored with it. There just wasn’t really enough going on for me.

But I’m not saying that you shouldn’t read this one. I know some of you probably really like slower-paced thrillers. The book does a great job of keeping you guessing throughout the whole story.

Here is what Not a Happy Family is about.

Fred and Sheila live in upstate New York. You have to be really rich in order to live there. But they realize that not even money can really protect you from being murdered. But they are brutally murdered after an Easter dinner with three of their adult kids. Who hates them enough to murder them? Their kids are devastated or so they say because now they are expected to inherit millions. Growing up they were never really a happy family. So, did one of them snap? Or did their parents have another enemy outside of their family?

If you’re interested in this book you can find it through the links below.


What are some domestic thrillers that I may have missed? Hopefully, there are some books on this list that you haven’t read before and they actually catch your attention!

If you enjoy some of these books I hope you stick around and I’ll see you next time! If this post caught your attention then you might also like my post on Thrillers by Asian authors.

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