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Horror Movies for beginners that’ll scare your pants off


Have you been wanting to try and watch horror movies but you don’t know where to start? I have accumulated a list of horror movies for beginners that is perfect for those who don’t know where to start. Most of these movies do have a little bit of gore, but they aren’t as bad compared to other movies. Most of these movies are pretty popular and are very well known. I wanted to include them because they are popular for a reason.

Horror movies for beginners

Horror movies for beginners

So, I just want to clarify. When I say movies for beginners I don’t mean those you absolutely have to watch as someone who is just starting out. Most of these movies are pretty tame when it comes to horror and horror movies. They are movies that are kind of easy to start off with and are more suspenseful than horror.

Hopefully, these are easy on you if you’re just starting out.


Horror movies for beginners

Scream is definitely one of my favorite scary movies! It is kind of classified as a horror comedy and it does have some goofy aspects to it.

If you have never seen Scream before it’s about high school kids being killed off. When we find out who the killers are we find out their motives and how they are using horror movies as a guideline.

So there is some gore in the Scream franchise but I do think it’s not as bad as some of the movies that are out there today. It does seem like horror movies are getting worse now when it comes to gore and the language as opposed to back then.

To me, the story isn’t as scary as a lot of other movies but they do kind of rely on jump scares. It is definitely worth the watch!


The sixth sense

Horror movies for beginners

If you haven’t watched The Sixth Sense yet then where exactly have you been!? This is definitely a good movie to start off with when it comes to horror movies for beginners.

The story follows a psychologist who is trying to help a little boy who is going through a lot of trouble. He’s misunderstood and lonely. But at the end of the movie you are thrown for a loop and everything isn’t as it seemed.

If you’re wanting something that isn’t completely scary but has that hint of horror in it then I would really suggest watching this movie first. It has creepy aspects to the story but isn’t really that scary at all. It’s definitely a good movie to stick your feet into.


The Ring

Horror movies for beginners

The Ring is actually based on a book. The story follows a journalist whose niece just died under mysterious circumstances. When she finds out that a lot of the kids at the high school are blaming it on a videotape that will kill the person who watched it in seven days she starts to do some investigating.

When this movie came out I was around twelve and I loved it. I loved being in a full movie theater watching a scary movie and everyone else was getting pretty scared. I really miss days like that when you’d have a full movie theater in a scary movie.

At the time this movie came out I thought it was pretty unique. I actually still think it’s pretty unique and a movie you can watch over and over again.


The Blair Witch Project

Horror movies for beginners

The Blair Witch Project is a found footage type of movie. You get the perspective of the actors as if they are the ones they are filming. In a way they kind of are.

The Blair Witch Project follows a group of people who are doing a documentary on a town and the woods that reside in that town. A lot of weird things have been happening there and it’s not stopping.

I swear so many people have said this is one of the scariest movies they have ever watched. Maybe I’m biased because I don’t think it’s all that scary. Granted it does have some creepy aspects. Then again it does kind of depend on how you handle things. The movie is great though and mild enough to be an easy watch for beginners.



So Signs wasn’t really one of my favorite movies. At the time I thought it was kind of slow and didn’t really pace very well. But I’m adding it because I know a lot of others really did enjoy it and who knows you might.

Signs follow a man who was once a priest (now retired) and has now lost faith in Christianity. Now weird things are starting to happen around his home.

I honestly don’t think that this movie is even all that scary so it’s probably one of the few that actually might be good to start with. On the plus side, it’s not even that gory so that makes it even better if you are wanting to start of slow. So it’s worth checking out anyway.



Horror movies for beginners

Coraline is a kid’s movie that follows a little girl. She moves into a new home with her parent’s but they don’t have a lot to do with her. They are busy with work and trying to get things situated in the home. So, she takes it upon herself to start exploring the new home. At first, everything is normal and Coraline starts to get bored. That is until she finds a door that is locked. When it’s time for bed she is led back to the door but this time it is unlocked.

I love love love, Coraline. Kids’ horror movies are the perfect movies to start off with, especially if you get scared easily. On top of that, this is another movie that is based on a book. Granted I have never read the book so I’m not really sure how it compares to the movie. But still… I love the movie so much!


The Others

The Others is a movie that I very rarely hear about anymore. Honestly, I don’t know why because it is such a good movie!

The plot follows a family who lives in a pretty big home. Unfortunately, they live a very abnormal life and have to keep all of the blinds closed at all times. That’s because the kids are allergic to sunlight and can’t have any of it touch their skin. When the son starts to have an imaginary friend he blames that friend for constantly opening the blinds. In turn, this frustrates his mom because she keeps telling him that no one is there. That is until she sees the signs and starts to get scared.

It’s been a while since I have seen this one and I wish it hasn’t been. When I first watched the movie I loved it and talking about it now kind of makes me want to watch it again! This is a great movie to start off with as well because there is no gore in it. It’s mostly just really creepy aspects to the story.


Let me know in the comment section what you thought about these movies! When and if you decide to watch them I would love to know how you felt about them. If you have any other suggestions on what would be good horror movies for beginners then make sure to let me know!

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    Great choices! I agree with most of these. Not sure about The Ring though, maybe the US version is pretty tame (never seen it), but I would not recommend the Japanese version to a beginner, haha. XD

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      I did mean the US one! I actually haven’t seen the Japanese version but I want to!

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