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Hey everyone and welcome to Owl Book World! Today I’m talking about gift ideas for book lovers. I know there are some people out there who don’t like to give books as gifts. That’s mostly because they don’t know what books the person already has. I totally get that. It’s hard buying for readers who have most of the books that they want. Or it could be that you don’t really know what genres they like.

Unless you know what book your book lover absolutely wants then I would definitely recommend going a different route. These gifts are great Christmas gift ideas for book lovers or you can use any of these suggestions for birthday gifts or anniversary gifts.

Before growing up and being able to buy my own things I would have loved some of these ideas. Granted some of these things weren’t very popular fifteen years ago when I couldn’t get a job and pay for it. I do wish they were though!

Gift ideas for book lovers

So here are some great gift ideas for book lovers

Book trolly

Book trollies are one of the hottest new things in bookish communities. I have been seeing them all over Instagram and TikTok. Book trollies are a good way to create a TBR pile of all the books you’re hoping to get to soon. For the longest time, I was pilling those books on the end table and it made everything so crowded. I hated having them on the end table but my bookshelf was also getting a little bit crowded.

A book trolly is the best gift for readers who have a huge physical TBR pile where they can sort out what books they read next!

Hanging shelf

Hanging shelves are great gift ideas for books lovers who are running out of shelf space on their bookshelves. Bookshelves are so much more expensive and take up a lot more space. Hanging shelves are a good alternative to that. There should be plenty of wall space for overflowing books unless they have a lot up on their walls.

Book seat pillow and book holder

Book seat pillow with book holder is something that I never really considered before. These are such a cool idea for more of a hands-free situation. I know that it’s not that hard to just hold your book or tablet but sometimes it’s kind of nice to not have to hold them as you’re reading.

Bathtub tray with reading rack

Honestly reading in a bathtub scares me. I don’t care how exactly I am reading it still makes me nervous. I know a lot of readers like doing this and that’s okay. Depending on how often the person you’re buying for takes baths and if they read while doing it, having this tray can make doing that easier. Having the tray can help with the risk of dropping it in the water. It’s not going to stop it completely because there’s always that risk but having the tray does help with that!

Gift Baskets for readers

Gift Card

Vouchers are a given. But there are times I feel like people feel guilty about giving gift cards as gifts. A lot of people think they aren’t “proper” gifts. Coming from a book blogger and obviously a big reader I would rather someone buy me a gift card. If they don’t know what I would like then I would rather have that gift card. It’s the thought that counts, but why get someone a book they will probably just leave on their shelf. They will potentially get rid of it without it being read.

Book darts line markers

So, I’m one of those people who wind up reading books before bed. Granted I have never fallen asleep before while reading. But I know there are tons of readers who fall asleep while they’re reading for one reason or another. These bookmarks are the perfect gifts for those who do that because they can keep pushing it down each line as they go. So, if they wind up following asleep and doing this then they won’t lose track of where they left off.

Bullet journal and pen

So, I don’t think I really knew what a bullet journal was until maybe a couple of years ago. Bullet journals can be a creative outlet for book lovers. Don’t get me wrong though you can make these journals as basic as can be and still make them functional. These can be included in the perfect gift basket for readers because these journals can be used as reading journals.

What’s the purpose of a reading journal? They are good ways to keep a track of the books you have, books you have bought a particular year, or you can use it to write down your thoughts on a book. A lot of readers use them, including me.


So, headphones are more so for the audiobook lover in your life. I completely recommend getting wireless headphones, especially in today’s time. With iPhones being one of the more popular phones out new iPhones no longer have jacks to them. So wireless headphones are the only way to listen through their phone. They can listen through the speaker but wireless headphones are the quiet way. There’s a good selection on Amazon including the ones that I have provided for you below. These are good ideas for a bookish gift basket as well!


I’m going, to be honest, I read a lot at night and there are times I don’t want the lamp turned on. This could be because of my husband or even kid sleeping so I’ll leave it off. On top of that, right before bed, I would rather not look at a screen. So booklights are perfect for those who read at night. I provided a few below that will work well.


I know not every reader is like me, but I can bet you that a lot of them are. What I mean is that a lot of readers carry books with them everywhere they go. I do this all of the time even if I know that I won’t be able to read the book. Having it with me is more or less like a comfort thing. I always like bringing a book with me just in case I have a little bit of time to even read a paragraph. It doesn’t matter how much I read as long I get some reading done.

Totes are really awesome for this sort of thing. I’ve used mine multiple times when we’ve gone on vacation or even going to my parent’s home. Plus, book-related totes are cute!

Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light-blocking glasses are more for those who read on their phones or on any sort of tablet. But this might be a good alternative for those who have to be on the computer all of the time. So, even if the person you’re buying for doesn’t read on their phone or tablet much this could potentially be a good option as a gift.

Subscription box

One subscription box is Book of the Month and I don’t think I will ever stop recommending it. I used it for a while but stopped. It’s not super expensive but we did deal with a pay cut so we had to cut it out. There are a lot of popular books that you can find through the book of the month. Most of the time you can find them much cheaper through them compared to Amazon and most book stores. They also have a wide variety of genres for any reader.

If you’re interested in other book subscription boxes you can find a list of them here.

I hope this list of gift ideas for book lovers helps you. It should at least get the ball rolling on what you might want to get. If you’re looking for book recommendations you can find them here.

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