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Haunted House Movies worth watching


Are you a big fan of haunted house movies? If you’re here I’m assuming you are! Or you could be just looking for more things to watch. Either way, I’m hoping some of these are movies you have never seen before. Granted you may have at least heard of them before but just haven’t gotten to them. If that’s the case then this is your sign to get your butt up and watch them.

All of these movies are ones that I have seen before. Some I have really enjoyed while others I may not have enjoyed so much. I usually always include stuff that I may not have enjoyed because who knows, you may enjoy it a lot more than I did. Not only that I really enjoy creating a variety on my lists because not everyone is going to enjoy the same things as me. Life would be boring if that was the case.

Haunted House movies

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Haunted House Movies you should really watch

Haunted House movies are probably one of my favorite tropes in horror. I love the creepiness of them. On top of that, we really don’t know what happens after death. Some think they do but we don’t really know until it happens to us. Even though they are meant to be scary it does make you question what really happens.

The Conjuring

Haunted House movies

I think pretty much everyone knows about The Conjuring. They are pretty popular movies whether or not viewers actually like the movie or not. Personally, I like the first two, but I haven’t enjoyed any of them since.

The Conjuring follows a family who moves into a new home. Everything is perfect and they love the home. They think they made the perfect decision for their family and their girls seem to love the home as well. After they open the basement creepy things start to happen. At first, it’s the girls who notice that something is off and it takes their parents some time to notice that there’s something is wrong. Are they too late trying to figure out what it is?

At the time when I first watched this movie, I found it super creepy. Like Paranormal Activity I wouldn’t say that it is one of my favorite movies, but it is one I can watch over and over again.

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Haunted House Movies

I absolutely love the concept of Insidious. I do have to say that Insidious is probably one of my favorites. It’s not at the top but it’s up there.

The story follows a family where whose son goes into a coma. They have taken him to multiple doctors but every single one of them is saying that there is nothing wrong with him. None of them can figure out why exactly he won’t wake up. Instead of keeping him in a hospital, they set something up in his room to keep him comfortable so they can keep a better eye on him. When weird things start to happen around the home they bring in a specialist and realize that their son is astral projecting and can’t find his way to his body.

The idea of being able to project yourself out of your body is something that really grabbed my attention about this movie. I do have to say that I absolutely loved the ending as well! Some probably won’t like it because it kind of leaves you on a cliffhanger but I love when movies do that.

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Amityville Horror

Haunted House Movies

For Amityville Horror I’m actually talking about the 2005 version. That’s the one I started off with because I didn’t know anything about the original at the time.

The story follows a family that moves into a new home. They knew what happened in the home but they completely ignored it. After staying for a bit they soon start to realize that it was probably a bad idea to buy the home. The father starts getting angry and not acting like himself. At first, they think it’s just stress from moving and trying to get the home ready, but it starts to get worse. He gets so angry he’s not really himself anymore. And then he starts to see and hear things that are telling him to do things he never would have thought to do.

I watched this movie when it first came out so I was pretty young. I remember at the time it kind of creeped me out but I had really enjoyed it. This is another one of my top favorite horror movies and it’s a really good haunted house movie. This is another I can pretty much watch over and over again.

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Paranormal Activity

I hate to admit it but I really hated Paranormal Activity when it first came out. I think that’s because the most were so hyped. I constantly kept hearing this is one of the scariest movies out there. I get what is scary to people is subjective but I kept hearing it from a lot of people. So, I went in thinking this was going to be one of the scariest movies out there only to be disappointed.

Even though I wouldn’t say that this movie is one of my favorites I do think I have learned to appreciate it a little more. Now I know what it’s like and what to expect from it I actually kind of like it.

The camerawork is kind of like The Blair witch Project where it’s the characters pretty much film the movie. Or it at least looks like they are filming most of it. The story follows a couple who moves into a new home. At first, everything is fine and they are loving the home. When things start happening that scare them they start putting cameras in and around the home to catch what is happening. After watching what has been recorded they start to realize they really need to take action or something bad is going to happen.


13 Ghosts

Haunted House Movies

I love love love 13 Ghosts. Supernatural movies are one of my favorite types of movies!

The story is about Cyrus Kriticos who is a collector of unique things and is very rich. When he dies he leaves his home and fortune to his nephew and his family. While they are inside they realize that they are not alone.

So, I watched 13 Ghosts when I was young and probably shouldn’t have. I think a lot of my all-time favorite scary movies are mostly ones that I watched when I was young. They scared me and that’s what I loved about them. 13 Ghosts was one of those movies and it has always stood out to me. I don’t think that will ever change either.

What I loved most about this movie is the idea of being able to trap ghosts. I haven’t heard of many movies or books that talk about this kind of thing. And the fact that Cyrus could use them for a greater (or evil) good. Not that I would want something like this happening but it is such a cool concept.

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Stir of Echoes

Stir of Echoes is a movie that I don’t quite hear about in the horror community that often. I don’t know if the horror community really considers this horror or more of a thriller. Despite what they consider it I still kind of consider it horror since it still has some creepy aspects to it.

Stir of Echoes follows a man who thinks hypnotism is a scam. No one can change after it or even recover memories from it. When he realizes that his wife’s sister “can do it” he decides to let her do it to him. He wants her to realize that it’s not even real and a huge scam. But she manages to open his mind. She thought she was opening it to be more open-minded. Instead, she opens it up to other things that start to warn him of things.

This was such an interesting concept to me because this is something that I question as well. I try to stay open-minded about these sorts of things because you never really know about them. To be honest, just talking about it right now makes me really want to go and rewatch it.

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Sinister is another one of my favorite movies. This story is such a creepy movie to me. The story follows a family who moves into a new home where the father is researching some true crime story that happened in the home. As he’s doing some research he realizes that something more sinister is happening in the home. Can they escape whatever is happening in the home?

Sinister is one of the few haunted houses movies that I can rewatch over and over again. I love it that much! The story is pretty fast-paced and you’re learning about new things as the main character does. That’s what I love about it.

I honestly don’t know how I would feel about living somewhere where something really bad happens. Even though I don’t if I believe in the supernatural aspect of things I still wouldn’t want to be around a house that has negative energy. I would be worried about something bad happening while living there.


The Uninvited

The Uninvited is a horror movie that I very rarely see anyone talking about. I don’t know if people didn’t like this movie or have just forgotten it. But The Uninvited is a movie that I absolutely love!

After Anna’s mother dies she tries to commit suicide. She is sent to a mental institution to get better and she does for a little bit. Months later she still doesn’t remember what happened that night but her doctor still releases her thinking she has resolved her issues. Her father takes her back to their isolated home only for her to find out that he has married his mom’s nurse. Anna would much rather spend the time with her sister. As they start talking they realize that their mom’s nurse is a little suspicious. Is she the one that started the fire that killed her mother?

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I hope you enjoyed my list of haunted house movies as much as I enjoyed writing it! Let me know in the comments what haunted house movies you have watched and really enjoyed.

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