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4 Reasons I’ll be passing up Supernatural Prequel


4 Reasons the Supernatural Prequel is a bad idea

Hey everyone and welcome to Owl Book World! Have you guys heard about the Supernatural prequel yet? It was announced a few weeks ago by Jensen Ackles! Here’s what we’ve been told…

The show is going to be called ‘The Winchesters’, and it is going to follow John and Mary (Sam and Dean’s parents). Jensen isn’t going to be doing any acting in the show but he will be doing the voice-over. We’ll get to see their love unfold as they save themselves and the world.

Supernatural prequel

I’ve seen very mixed things about the show. Some are up for it and say they don’t really care how good the show is because they need Supernatural in their life. While there are others who actually have the same feelings and thought processes as me. How is this show going to work? And for those who are all for it, will it really be the same Supernatural that you love without the brothers playing a bigger part?

I think I would be more excited if they did a show about Ghostfacers, Benny, Crowley, Charlie, or Kevin. Those are the characters I loved and wish I had gotten more of. It would have even been a fun idea to have a show of Charlie in OZ! There were so many other opportunities they could have done and that viewers were actually rooting for.

Here are my top four reasons why the show is concerning for the Supernatural fandom and why it won’t work well.

The Supernatural prequel won’t bring anything new because we already have most of their background

If you’ve seen most of the Supernatural seasons you’ll know that we get a lot of background on the family. There are times we don’t see a lot of John and Mary throughout the show, but the ones we do get let us know a bit about their background. We really and truly got all that we need.

So, the one question on my mind is how are they going to do anything different with the show? The Winchesters needs to bring something new to the show along with staying true to Supernatural. But what concerns me is how are they going to stay true to Supernatural along with making the show interesting and without causing plot holes.

Who cares about their love story?

Honestly, their love story is possibly the worst spin-off they could have done. The whole reason I got into the show was 1) the brothers and 2) the hunting/supernatural elements. I’m okay with having a show without the brothers, but I’m not okay with the show not having supernatural elements. I’ll get into later how this can be a potential plot hole.

My thing is that I don’t find either character all that interesting. It makes me think a story about their “love” won’t be any better.

Supernatural prequel

Least Favorite Characters

I don’t know how others feel about John and Mary but they are my least favorite characters. They are boring characters and just not that interesting. There are so many characters that I would have liked to see get a show but John and Mary weren’t one of them.

Maybe I feel this way because Supernatural lasted longer than it was meant to. Because it wasn’t supposed to last as long as it did those two characters weren’t very detailed, and when they were brought into the show for an extended amount of time they weren’t very well thought out. I’m not blaming the actors in any way because they did well with what they had but I wish their characters aren’t lacking depth. Who knows? Maybe The Winchesters will bring that to the characters in some way.

Is there any hunting in the Supernatural prequel?

This is the part where I’m a bit confused. I get that the closer we get to the show the more info we’ll get. But is there going to be hunting in the Supernatural prequel? If there’s going to be hunting then this is going to cause a huge plot hole.

Around the time that Mary was killed in the first season, John had no idea about her hunting past. He had no idea about the monsters that roamed the earth. That is until the day Mary dies and jumpstarts John’s hunting “career”. So if they have the two of them hunting then this is going to go against the foundation the show started on. I’m hoping the direction it goes in is having Mary hunt in secret. Even if they do that I couldn’t possibly see how the show will last long.

In Conclusion…

I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way about the show. I know some of you are excited about the show and that’s okay. Everyone has different favorite characters and these two just might be yours. Or there’s potentially another reason you’re excited about it even though they might not be your favorite at all. I mostly just wanted to get my point of view out there and list some of the reasons why this is a really bad idea for a majority of the fandom.

I know I know if I don’t like it then don’t watch it. I’m still going to give it a chance because I’m a huge fan of Jensen. Who knows it might surpass my expectations and be really good! Let me know in the comments what you think!

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