October 2021 book releases
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October 2021 book releases

October 2021 book releases
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Hi everyone! Welcome to Owl Book World. My name is Kaili and I’m the one who runs the blog. October is right around the corner and you know what that means….New books (as if we can read them all). Is there any October 2021 book releases that you are interested in reading?

There are actually several October 2021 book releases that I have an ARC of and need to start reading soon. I can’t even begin to explain how far behind I am on my reading but I will get there. I just hope you’re not in the same situation as me. If so I’m sorry if you wind up getting any of these books lol!

Here is my list of October 2021 book releases that I’m excited about and can’t wait to start reading soon!

October 2021 book releases

Good As Dead (October 1)

Holly Kendrick’s husband just died and Holly saw it all. In one moment her husband is alive and the next he is killed in a hit and run that turns Holly’s life upside down. When one of the guilty parties approaches her they offer her a deal that she can’t refuse for her and her daughter, Savannah. The both of them move into a nice house and a very nice neighborhood all for their silence. When the neighbor’s interests are piqued by them being there the prices are raised. Will they figure out why Holly is there when she clearly doesn’t belong? or will her neighbors uncover her secret even though they have a big secret of their own?

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October 2021 book releases

Squad (October 5)

Squad is a graphic novel being compared to Pretty Little Liars meets Teen Wolf. The story follows Becca who just transferred to a high school in San Fransico. She’s worried she’s not going to fit in like almost all new students. To Becca’s surprise, she’s taken in by the popular group at the school. At first glance, the three main girls of the group look normal and act normal. After a huge party, she realizes that they have a huge secret.

All three of them are werewolves and their prey are boys who take advantage of girls. In order to fit in with the girls, Becca allows them to turn her. For a while everything is fine and for the first time, she feels like she belongs. Once things start getting a little complicated Becca realizes that she doesn’t exactly belong. But will the girls she thought she was friends with turn on her?

I actually don’t read comics all that much but this one sounds really good. I love books that deal with werewolves and I know this is something I would have liked back when I was in high school.

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October 2021 book releases

Last Girl Ghosted (October 5)

When a woman swipes right on a dating app she thinks the man looks interesting. She even has a lot of fun with him at a bar downtown. She has a powerful connection with him and starts wondering if it could be love. When things start to get real between the two of them he stands her up. Then he disappears with his socials deleted and his phone deactivated. She ultimately thought it was her fault. That is until she finds out that he’s done it to other women. Who is this guy and why is he doing this?

I didn’t find out about this book until I started doing some research on books that are going to be released in October. The idea of this book sounds really good though, at least it does to me. I don’t know what it is about books where a character gets ghosted but it always catches my attention.

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The Violent Season (October 5)

The Violent Season is a thrilling debut novel. In Wolf Ridge every November the community is overwhelmed with a sense of violence. At least that’s the rumor. One year ago Wyatt’s mother was killed brutally because of anger. This year Wyatt fears that the violence is spreading to her friend Cash so she pushes him away and becomes closer to someone else. But she quickly uncovers secrets about what really happened to her mother.

The Violent Season is one of the few I need to hurry up and get to. I managed to get an advanced copy of it and I’m so excited. It seems like one of those small-town secrets type of books and I love them.

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The Family Tree (October 5)

Liz Catalano gets an accessory kit just for fun. But she’s shocked when she finds out she was adopted. When she tries to connect with her biological family she is plunged into an FBI investigation. The Tri-State killer has been killing women for years leaving police stumped. Will Liz be able to figure out who in her family is doing this?

This is the type of book that makes me question exactly what I would do if I found out I was adopted thinking my adopted family was my real family the entire time. It would be even crazier to find out that one of my real relatives is a killer and has been for a very long time.

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If you want a more detailed blurb about The Family Tree you can find that here.

Nothing but Blackened Teeth (October 19)

Nothing But Blackened Teeth is a haunted house tale with loads of Japanese folklore. The story takes place in a Helan-era mansion. It is abandoned and has been for a while. Its very foundation was stuffed with the women that were sacrificed. But the home is the perfect venue for a group of friends. What was supposed to be a fun night of celebration and thrills turns into a night of terror.

I’m going, to be honest…I picked up this book based on the cover. It really caught my attention and I have been hoping to find horror books that at least somewhat have something to do with other races. Hopefully, this is one that I end up liking!

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These Silent Woods (October 26)

For years Cooper and his daughter, Finch, have lived in an isolated cabin located in the Appalachian woods. That’s exactly how Cooper wants it and that’s because he has a lot to hide. Finch has grown up on the books that are all throughout the house, but it’s getting to a point where she wants to get out. Only two people know they exist is the local hermit and an old friend of Cooper’s named Jake. Jake visits every year to bring them food but this year he doesn’t show. Him not showing up sets off numerous events that just show them how much can go wrong.

This is another book I wound up requesting because of the cover. I know I know I really need to stop judging a book by its cover and this one just looks so good! I can’t wait to dig into this one!


The Unheard (October 26)

Tess knows she’s overprotective of her daughter and that’s something she needs to work on. But leaving her with her ex and his young wife fills her with dread. It has nothing to do with his parenting skills but it hurts her to see him enjoying married life. When her daughter, Poppy, returns she’s tired and withdrawn. When she shows Tess a drawing that’s pretty violent. The picture makes Tess beg the question if something bad happened while Poppy was at her father’s. What could her father have possibly done?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Nicci French. I haven’t actually read one of her books yet but they are constantly coming to my attention. I hope I can get to one of her books soon because they all sound good. Have you read any of her books yet?

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Are any of these October 2021 book releases on your TBR?

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