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Most Overrated Books from recent years


Most Overrated Books

Hey everyone! Today I’m writing a post of the most overrated books that I’ve read. This is my opinion and my opinion only. These are all books that I’ve read and just didn’t really like. I feel like I would have liked these titles so much more if they weren’t such overhyped books. Typically when I read something that a lot of people really liked I end up not liking it much at all. I’m sure it’s this way for a lot of readers.

Most Over Rated Books

So, what does it mean when we say that a book is overhyped or overrated? It basically means that this is a really popular book or a book that we have just been seeing a lot. That particular book gets a lot of hype so as a reader you get your expectations up really high and expect it to be one of the best books ever. But then when you get to it it ends up not being all that great for whatever reason. It ends up being so disappointing because the book sounded so good. I hate when this happens but it’s bound to happen at some point.

My Dark Vanessa

So, My Dark Vanessa is a book that I finished recently. It got so much hype and I was basically seeing it all over my social media feeds. A lot of people were raving about it. But I don’t get it. This is a book about a girl getting groomed by her teacher and for years she’s delusional about the whole situation. A lot of books don’t really bother me but this book just left me depressed with just how the book was written and how it ended. This is definitely a overhyped book and I’m not really sure what the reasoning around it is. I also think a good chunk of the book could have been edited out to make the book shorter. You can only make a book like this so long without it getting boring.


The Ghost Tree

I was so so excited about reading The Ghost Tree. This one actually wasn’t super hyped. I just read the synopsis of the book and overhyped it myself. I still think I haven’t seen a lot of people read this one. But the ghost tree is a horror book that’s set in this small town and of course all small towns have a secret. Since their little secret went wrong the previous year will they still be able to make up for it this year? I love the premise of horror books set in a small town. There’s not a lot of people to go babbling. It also doesn’t help that the police officers are apart of the whole scheme. So, I was a little disappointed with this one because it dragged quite a bit. On top of that there are way too many point of views and I couldn’t stand having to keep up with everyone in the book. I probably would have liked The Ghost Tree a little more if it wasn’t dragged out longer than it should have been.


The Twisted Ones

Overhyped books


I was so so excited to read The Twisted Ones. This was another overhyped book that I wound up hyping myself. I love love book that deals with folklore. That’s the main reason I picked the book up in the first place. It sounded creepy and something that would be right up my alley. Don’t get me wrong though. Most of the book is actually pretty good and kept my attention. But towards the end of the book I was so disappointed. I ended up being a little disappointed with what was happening around the main character and just overall what was happening was underwhelming.


The Return

The Return is an adult horror/thriller book that had a lot of potential. It’s about a woman disappearing for a couple of years but she ends up coming back. Her husband and friends are excited to have her back. One week the girls go on a girls trip to celebrate their friend coming back and being safe. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that there’s something wrong with their friend. This book has a lot of potential. It sounds creepy and there are aspects of the story that are creepy, but the characters weren’t very well written. They know something is wrong with their friend but all they do is gossip about it. That’s literally the whole book. Maybe the last twenty percent is them trying to take action which ends up making the book a bit boring.


Little Fires Everywhere

most overhyped books

Little Fires Everywhere is a very popular book and has (obviously) been made into a Hulu show. I picked this book up purely for the hype and that was the wrong decision. The story ended up not being my cup of tea. A book I thought was going to be more of a thriller ended up being more of a family drama type story with a hint of mystery. On top of that there are too many point of views that change at the most random times in a chapter. 

I did end up liking the show a little more than the book but only by a little. The story didn’t grab my attention enough for me to really enjoy it.


What are some of the most overhyped books you’ve come across? Are there any overrated books that you liked but just not as much as everyone else did?

most over rated books

Hopefully I’m not alone with thinking some of these books are the most overrated books in recent years. I never really understood the hype surrounding them and why so many liked them. I get we all have different taste though.

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2 thoughts on “Most Overrated Books from recent years

  1. Flora

    My shelves are full of indie authors that rarely get the level of hype that traditionally published ones get. However, I have overhyped a book myself and just like you, found my expectations sadly missed. 🙁
    I hope our future disappointments are few and far between, Kaili. x

    1. Kaili

      Fingers crossed that it is. It’s not any fun when a book winds up being disappointing!

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