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Hey everyone! Today I’m coming at you with July 2024 book releases!

If you’re anything like me you probably don’t even need to see them. Now I want to try and make a habit out of it because there are books in here that are a part of a series that I didn’t know was coming out.

I’m getting to the point where I like to stay up to date with all of the new releases even if I have to hold back on getting them for.

How do you feel about checking out new releases every month? Do you feel like it only causes you to buy more books?

Make sure to let me know in the comments what July 2024 book releases you’re looking forward to!

What have you done

It always seems like something is happening in small towns. What secrets do they keep?

Small-town horror and thriller novels have always been a go-to of mine. I think it’s partly because I live in a small town where it seems like everyone knows about everyone.

This will be one of the July 2024 book releases I will be picking up at some point this year.

Here is What Have You Done? is about!

The teenagers in Fairhill, Vermont love to tell ghost stories. Nothing really happens there so they have to have a little bit of fun right? This is a small town where everyone knows everyone and their parents trust their kids to come safe from school. No one peeks out of their window and doors are left unlocked.

One morning all of this changes.

Instead of lying safely in her bed where she belongs, Diana Brewer lies dead in a hayfield. She is being circled by vultures when she’s discovered by a local farmer.

For Fairhill, things change within a matter of minutes. The town goes from friendly to being surrounded by fear and paranoia.

Someone in town did this and everyone wants answers.

This is one of the July 2024 book releases you can find down below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Breaking the dark

July 2024 book releases

I’ve got to be honest that I haven’t read many of Lisa Jewell’s books.

Most of her novels are thriller books so I’m surprised that she’s writing a superhero book.

I hate to admit that I didn’t realize that it was an actual superhero book until just now. When I saw the cover I didn’t notice the Marvel logo on the top of the book and it just didn’t dawn on me until I started writing this post.

Here is what Breaking the Dark is about.

Jessica Jones is a private investigator and very much a loner. She tried to be a superhero-type crime fighter, but it only led to her having really bad trauma. Unfortunately, now she avoids the world altogether.

When a distraught mother comes into office she would rather nurse her hangover. She also wants to forget about last night’s poor choices. Something about Amber Randall’s story hits a chord with her. Amber’s twin boys went to the UK to see their father and now they have come back different. Amber swears that something happened to them. They don’t act like themselves, their skin is now flawless, and they keep talking about a girl named Belle. Amber is positive that her kids were replaced by something horrible and “perfect.”

Jessica travels to the small village to meet this Belle who lives a very isolated life. She lives in an old farmhouse with a weird woman who says she’s her guardian. Can this teenager be responsible for the twins? Why does this little village seem to have a dark energy attached to it?

A mother’s intuition is never wrong. Jessica knows that nothing is perfect in life. She tries to believe that there are better days ahead but behind every idea of perfection comes a darkness.

You can find Breaking the Dark below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Look in the Mirror

I’m not sure if this is one that I have to have once it releases because it doesn’t fully catch my attention.

The idea of it sounds really good though and I know most of you will probably enjoy it.

Here is what Look in the Mirror is about.

Nina is still grieving her dad’s death but she learns not long after that she inherited a dream vacation home from him. She never knew it existed until now. The house is state of the art and she has no idea how her dad had the money for it. She also has no clue why he would keep this from her. Was he hiding something?

Maria was once a very ambitious medical student. Now she’s a nanny for the super-rich families. The money is a whole lot better and it takes her to some of the best destinations. She has just had one more gig and she’ll be done. She’ll finally be secure. But when her clients don’t show up to the house, she makes herself at home. She spends her days by the pool and the sauna but she is given just one rule. Don’t go in the basement. Her curiosity just might get the best of her and soon she’ll wish that her only worry was not getting paid.

If you’re interested in Look in the Mirror then you can find it below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Like Mother Like Daughter

I’m not fully sure about Like Mother, Like Daughter either but I figured a lot of you guys would be interested in this one as well

Here is what Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Cleo shows up for dinner at her parent’s home in Brooklyn she finds the food burning in the oven. There’s no sign of her mother. As she looks around the house she discovers her mom’s bloody shoe under the couch. She knows something bad has happened.

Her mom, Kat, has been lying. She’s not only just a lawyer but she’s her firm’s fixer. She knows that she’s good at it. It’s all thanks to growing up in a dangerous group home. It taught her how to think fast, be calm under pressure, and realize a threat when she sees one. In the days leading up to her disappearance, she became very aware of the threats. There are demands for money from her ex-husband and there’s evidence that Cleo is slipping back into a risky relationship.

Will they be able to escape this mess?

You can find this story down below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Such Charming Liars

I’m iffy about Karen M. McManus. Her books are really hit or miss for me. This may have to be one that I pick up from the library and buy it later if I like it.

I mostly added it to the list because she’s a very popular author and I know a lot of people like reading her books.

Here is what Such Charming Liars is about.

All of her life it has just been Kat and her mom Jamie. That is except for forty-eight hours when her mom was married and Kat had a stepbrother. It all ended in a very big divorce. Liam, her stepbrother, and Kat haven’t spoken since then.

Jamie is now a jewel thief but she’s trying to get back on track. She has one last job at a billionaire’s birthday party. Her mom wants to tag along but what they don’t know is that two surprise guests will be showing up there. It’s the last two people they want to see. They are big scammers and they have their sights on the birthday boy’s youngest daughter.

Kat and Liam are on their way to disaster when the birthday boy dies. They realize that the killer might have his or her eyes on them too. Now they are the new targets and they can’t trust anyone but they are forced to trust each other.

Or can they really trust each other? Both of them are really good at lying and they learned it from the best.

This is one of the July 2024 book releases that you can find below.

Amazon | Bookshop

The Astrology House

The Astrology House sounds good! I’ve been interested in astrology lately and it has been popping up all over my TikTok.

This may be one that I have to pick up as soon as it’s released if I can get my hands on it.

Here is what The Astrology House is about.

Margot has been working eighty-hour weeks at her law firm, but at this point, she needs a minute. She’s not as close to her brother as she used to be and he’s the only family she has left. Also, she’s still not pregnant after trying for a long time.

Margot decides to go to Stars Harbor Astrological Retreat. It promises rest, relaxation, and wisdom. It has Instagram-worthy views and nightly astrology readings and it’s in a beautifully restored Victorian home. The getaway should be fun and exciting. For Adam, Margot’s brother, it should be a way to rekindle his love for writing, but his wife is hiding a dark past. The host of the retreat holds a bigger secret and she has a plan for all of her guests. Will they be able to get away?

You can find this book through the link below.

Amazon | Bookshop

The Grandest Game

As soon as this one is released I’m hoping that I’m able to get my hands on it. The Grandest Game is a part of The Inheritance Games series and I really enjoyed the first one. I haven’t managed to read the others yet but they are now at the top of my list

Here is what The Grandest Game is about.

There are seven tickets, an island full of dreams, and a chance of a lifetime.

This is the grandest game. A billionaire named Avery Grambs and the four Hawthorne brothers host an annual competition. It is designed to give anyone a shot at fame and fortune. This year the game requires one of the seven golden tickets to enter. There are millions on the line and the players will do whatever it takes to win.

Some players are in it for the money. Others are in it for the power. While others have reasons all their own. All seven players have secrets. As tension rises it becomes clear that not all of the players are playing by the rules.

If you wanna buy this book, you can find it through the link below.

Amazon | Bookshop

One Big Happy Family

July 2024 book releases

One Big Happy Family is another that I might just try checking out from the library. It sounds interesting but not so interesting that I’d want to spend twenty dollars on it.

I just know that some of you guys might be interested in the story.

Here is what One Big Happy Family is about.

The Precipice is a popular and legendary family-owned hotel. It is located on the coast of Maine, and with the passing of their father, the bishop sisters show up to claim it.

All four sisters want what is their’s. In the mix is nineteen-year-old Charley. She’s smart, resilient, and older than her years. With the sisters being there it only spells out disaster for her.

Will the sisters close the hotel? Will they decide to fire her? What will they do when and if they unravel her deepest darkest secrets?

You can find the book through the link below.

Amazon | Bookshop

The Unraveling

July 2024 book releases

The Unraveling is one of the July 2024 book releases that I didn’t know about but I’m going to have to look into it. A psychiatrist who becomes a little “crazy” is right up my alley.

Here is what The Unraveling is about.

Psychiatrist Meredith McCall just experienced a terrible loss. Because of this, she feels like she’s drifting off. She eventually crosses paths with a man who she’s able to really connect with him tragically. Because of this, she starts to follow him and in turn it sparks an unhealthy obsession with him. She constantly compares how well he is doing while feeling completely broken down.

When he walks into her office to be a patient, he’s completely unaware of who she is. She knows that she’s crossing a line to treat him. But she can’t bring herself to turn him away. This causes her to become even more entangled. As her life starts to unravel she thinks that things couldn’t get any worse…that is until it does.

You can find The Unraveling through the links below.

Amazon | Bookshop

Before you leave make sure to check out June 2024 book releases.

Which ones are you most excited about? Hopefully, you find your next read on this list!

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