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Can you guys believe that Christmas is almost here? As Christmas is vastly approaching I know a lot of readers want books with a Christmas theme. Every year it always crosses my mind what books with a Christmas theme are out there. A lot of the same Christmas books are pushed every year in my opinion. So we need a little bit of variety. I also want to make sure to include that the books that I recommend aren’t your typical Hallmark type of book. Why? They are typically what everyone goes for. That’s okay but I know there are some readers out there like me who aren’t really a fan of the cheesy Christmas books!

Christmas themed books

Books with a Christmas theme that should be on your TBR.

Five Total strangers

Books with a Christmas theme

Five Total Strangers is about a group of kids who are heading to families for the Christmas holidays. They get stuck at the airport right as they are about to leave. So, they decide to rent a vehicle and head there themselves. 5 total strangers in one car. When things start disappearing in the car someone isn’t who they say they are.

I know this isn’t super Christmasy but I always like to include alternatives to the super cheery Christmas books that are basically the Hallmark version in book form. It’s okay if you like that sort of thing but since not everyone does I want to be able to include other genres. Five Total Strangers is the perfect thriller that surrounds the holidays.

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What Light

Christmas books YA

Sierra lives two lives. One in Oregon helping grow Christmas trees. The second in California around Christmas selling those trees. She hates leaving her life back in Oregon. It’s not for long but she wants to be with her friends. That is until this year when she meets Caleb.

What Light is the complete opposite of Five Total Strangers. This is the perfect feel-good Christmas book a lot of people love!

What Light is by the same author who wrote 13 Reasons Why and it is such a good Christmas-themed novel. The story is a feel-good story that lets you in the life of those who have to work around the holidays even though it’s not your conventional job.

It has been a few years since I have read the story but I remember loving it when I did.

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Alternative to Christmas themed books

So I wanted to include my last post for those who don’t like your conventional Christmas books. For those who enjoy horror novels then you will probably find my post on Christmas horror books helpful. I’m definitely one of those people who don’t really enjoy your typical feel-good Hallmark type of books. I do every once in a while but I enjoy things that are more exciting and thrilling. Basically, books that revolve around Christmas but they are able to keep you on your toes. Hopefully, that’s not just me!

Recommendations from other readers

Jo Linsdell

Books with a Christmas theme

Twelve Days to Save Christmas by Elizabeth Neep is on my Net Galley TBR for this month and I can’t wait to read it.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love… dumped me.

Poppy loves Christmas and always goes all out to make this magical time of the year extra special for her boyfriend George. But George is strangely not in the spirit this year. As Poppy wrestles him into her Christmas jumper built for two for a holiday snapshot, she finds out why.

He’s leaving her. And she only has twelve more days until he moves out.

Poppy is heartbroken. But she’s not going to give up on their five-year relationship without a fight. George is the love of her life, and his warm and stable family are worlds away from her own chaotic upbringing. And she is sure he still loves her too – she just needs to remind him of all the reasons why. Twelve days: twelve chances to get her man back and save Christmas.

But festive surprises aren’t only found under the tree. As Poppy’s twelve days count down and she goes to ever more ambitious lengths to prove to George she’s exactly the kind of girl he wants, she starts to realize that maybe the Christmas miracle she’s working towards is not the one she really needs. And that the person she’s truly meant to spend Christmas with is closer than she thought…

This bittersweet and uplifting festive read is perfect for anyone who has ever worried they’re not enough as they are. Fans of One Day in December, Beth O’Leary, and Mhairi McFarlane will be completely enchanted by this witty and warm story about friendship, love, and finding yourself.

Kriti @ Armed with A Book

books with a Christmas theme

If it’s ok I am going to highlight two books with a Christmas theme:

For people who love cozy mysteries, author J B Michaels has a bunch of novellas. The first one is set around Christmas time! The protagonists are Mac and Millie and the series is aptly called Mac and Millie Mysteries. Mac is the retired detective (he had an accident and took early retirement so he’s still young) and Millie is a bit of a mystery. The stories are short and sweet. I have read two so far – The Christmas Walk Caper and The Valentine Dine or Die. The third book, The Swedish Days Swindle is on my TBR.

For readers who like light romance, Rachel Hauck’s The Wedding Dress Christmas is a fun read! Short and sweet, this is the story of JoJo, a woman who tasted the world outside her little hometown and came back to her nest. JoJo made a career as a PR manager in Dallas but something happened there that has shaken her to the core… to the point that a joking phone call from her Uncle can send her flying down the main street, veil on her head, forgotten. 🙂 She isn’t even the bride!

Jojo moved back from Dallas about five years ago and since then, has been helping her cousin, Haley, at The Wedding Shop, selling wedding dresses and accessories to brides. I love reading stories about destiny and childhood romances that did not happen. Jojo and Buck were best friends when they were teenagers but life drifted them apart. But now he is back in town and their paths cross… will they be willing to share their true feelings?

Leslie Conzatti

The book I’ve chosen for this theme is a bit unorthodox, but I’ll admit, Christmas doesn’t really come up a lot in the books I read! 

When it does, though, the writers tend to have a lot of fun with it! Take, for example, Frost Bitten by C. A. King.

It’s the third book in her portal fantasy series, The Portal Prophecies, and I very much enjoyed it! Here’s the blurb for it: 

Willow and her friends are back and find themselves under the scrutiny of the magical inhabitants of the main world. Everyone seems to be against them including the directors, the mayor, and Keith Quidnunk, the intern journalist for ‘The Empowered’ newspaper, whom no one has ever seen. At the same time, Lance has asked for Willow’s help, but if she does it will mean having to survive King Cornelius’ wrath.

Join Willow and her friends to find out what wonders await them as they explore frozen lands. Can they save Santa and Christmas from destruction? Can they avoid being sanctioned by the magical community?

Vidya Tiru @LadyInReadWrites   

I have read many Christmas-themed books over the years but every time someone asks me to name a book/story with a Christmas theme, the first few that come to mind are the ones on this Top Ten list I wrote years ago. They include Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Gift of the Magi by O ‘Henry, and The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. If you are looking for non-fiction festive reads, I did make up a list last Christmas (and have read about half of them so far)

Currently, I do have one 2021 Christmas read I am reading and enjoying so far titled The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan. Christmas and a bookshop, what more can be cozier for a book lover?! 

Book description: Carmen has always worked in her local department store. So, when the gorgeous old building closes its doors for good, she is more than a little lost. When her sister, Sofia, mentions an opportunity in Edinburgh – a cute little bookshop, the spare room in her house – Carmen is reluctant, she was never very good at accepting help. But, short on options, she soon finds herself pulled into the snowy city just a month before Christmas.

What Sofia didn’t say is that the shop is on its last legs and that if Carmen can’t help turn things around before Christmas, the owner will be forced to sell. Privately, Sofia is sure it will take more than a miracle to save the store, but maybe this Christmas, Carmen might surprise them all…

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