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Books about cults that you should read


I don’t know if you’re anything like me but I love learning about cults. I’m not completely sure what it is but I enjoy it. It’s probably because I always want to learn how people fall for it. It’s not that I don’t think I wouldn’t fall for it myself but how I can actively avoid it. So, that’s why I’m creating this list of books about cults.

Granted this list is full of fictional books but those are the ones that I actually like to start off with. I’m a lot bigger on fictional books than I am on nonfiction. If any of you guys are interested in a nonfiction list then let me know in the comments.

Books about cults

So, I know fictional books about cults aren’t fully accurate but I do think it gives you an idea of what happens. It kind of shows you how manipulative some people can be. I think that’s my problem though. I kind of stay home a lot and I’m not really around a lot of people.

Because of that, it’s hard for me to see how manipulative and how convincing people can really be.

So here are some books about cults that can show you how manipulative these people can be.

Last Days (Creepy books about cults)

Books about cults

So, Adam Nevill has actually become a really popular author lately. I have been seeing his books all over the horror community.

It seems like certain books of his are more popular than others and that kind of goes along with Last Days. There have been quite a few of his books that I have seen floating around but Last Days isn’t one of them.

Even though there are a lot of his books that I actually really want to read I think I may want to start with this one first. Books about cults have always kind of fascinated me. When you include paranormal elements to it then that really catches my attention.

Here is what Last Days is about.

Kyle Freeman is a filmmaker. It’s something he has always wanted to do. He’s asked to do a documentary on The Temple of the Last Days. Kyle couldn’t be more excited because the cult had become known worldwide. His prayers have been answered. Other than the fact that he’s doing a documentary about a cult there’s something weird about the group. Something paranormal.

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Within these Walls (creepy books about cults)

books about cults

If you haven’t read anything by Ania Ahlborn then what are you waiting on!? Granted if you’re not a horror fan then this might not be the best book for you. Ania Ahlborn is a very crafty writer and really does a great job at catching your attention.

I love her books! If you are a horror fan then I really do suggest reading Within These Walls. This is a great way to read books about cults. I know fictional books are probably not the best if you’re wanting facts about cults. But these types of books are great ways of giving you some insight.

Within These Walls gives cults kind of a creepy and sinister aspect. At least more of a sinister aspect than they already have.

Here is what Within These Walls is about.

Lucas Graham’s marriage is failing and his life is in shambles. He needs help and he needs to turn his life around. His crime writing career isn’t doing so well either and he wants a comeback so bad. When he’s promised an exclusive interview with a notorious cult leader he’s excited. He quickly leaves his home in New York and heads to Washington State. When he gets there he starts doing some research. But when the person that promised him exclusive information backs out, Lucas is left to put the story together on his own. Except Lucas isn’t really alone.

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So, this is actually the first time I’m hearing about Creed. I’m trying to make sure to include books I have read and some that I haven’t read.

Creed is actually one I want to try and read because it sounds like a really fast-paced and interesting novel. I want to try and get to this one soon since it sounds right up my alley! Have you read Creed?

Here is what the book is about.

Dee, her boyfriend Luke, and his brother Mike are going on a car ride. They want to have a little bit of fun. When their car breaks down they have to walk in a bad winter storm to a town called Purity Springs to find safety. When they get there there is an alarm that has been set off but otherwise, the town seems abandoned. They take shelter in a nearby home since they can’t find anywhere else to go. They soon realize that Purity Springs isn’t what it seems. When the inhabitants of the town suddenly start showing up Dee, Luke, and Mike realize that they may have to pay a bigger price in order to escape.



So, I’m a big fan of Natasha Preston. I have read quite a few of her books but this is the only one that I haven’t really gotten to. If you haven’t read any of her books then go and check them out.

Natasha Preston does a great job with fast pacing in her books which does well with keeping you interested. At least it does well for me. She’s great with adding the creepiness level as well. If you’re interested in reading more of her books then check out The Fear.

Here is what Awake is about.

Awake follows Scarlett Garner. She doesn’t really remember anything before she was four years old. After she gets in a car wreck she starts to remember pieces of things that happened back then. Quite a few of those things are frightening and kind of scare her. It’s a past that her parents kept hidden from her. It’s a past that could really get her hurt.

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The Project (One of those realistic books about school)

The Project

For me, The Project was a little slow. I kind of struggled getting into this one and for the most part, had to push myself through it. But who knows you may like this one a lot more than I do.

The Project gives you input on how cults can affect families outside of the cult and how it feels to be abandoned. You don’t really get how the character fell for this aspect of the situation though. But this book does make you realize how easy it can be to fall for it.

Here is what The Project is about.

Lo Denham is used to being alone. It’s something she has grown accustomed to. After her parents are killed in a bad accident her sister, Bea, runs off to an organization called The Unity Project. Because of that Lo was left to defend herself and mourn alone.

But Lo doesn’t want to lose the only family that she has left. So, for the past six years, she has tried to connect with Bea only to be ignored. When she is given access to Bea’s life she thinks they are going to be able to reconnect again. But it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t really want to be found. As she tries to uncover what’s going on she finds out that she has more questions than answers. The one thing she does know is that Bea needs her help.

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Did I miss any books about cults? Let me know in the comments why you are wanting to read more books about cults.

If you like this post then you may like my post on books about school shooters. I know these topics are morbid but I know most of us still enjoy them so we can figure out what to look for if we ever come across people like this.

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