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Best books for mom on Mother’s Day


Best Books for mom on Mother’s day

Hey everyone and welcome to Owl Book World! Can you guys believe that it’s May already? I know I can’t. It seems like just yesterday it was January. This year is going by so fast and I don’t really know if I like that at all! But now that it’s May you know what that means right? Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to figure out what to get her. If your mother is a reader then I have some of the best ideas for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best books for mom on Mother’s Day.

All of these books I have on the list are ones I’ve read at some point since I’ve started blogging. They are a little unconventional but these are the best books for the mom who isn’t a fan of romance or books that will make you cry. 

I rounded up a list of books with kick a** mothers that your mother may enjoy reading. Most of these are horror/thrillers but I do have one that is a women’s fiction story.

Best books for Mom
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Best books for Mom

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a thriller book that follows a woman who has a really good life. She’s married to a wonderful husband who had a daughter from a previous marriage. Instead of being the wicked stepmother, she chooses to love her like her own daughter. But things change when someone new moves into the neighborhood. Someone who just so happens to know about Amy’s past that she’s tried so hard to keep secret from everyone. It’s better if no one knows about it anyway. But what will happen when the new woman in the neighborhood is willing to tell everyone about her old life?

I chose to add this book to the list because Amy is such as awesome mother. She’s done some crazy things in her past but she’s better now because of it. What makes her even better is that she doesn’t treat her stepdaughter wrong. I wish more women treated steps as their own. I also wish that the real mother would let them as long as they both are on the same page. This world would be a much better place if that was the case.

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Girls with Bright Futures

Girls with Bright Futures is a women’s fiction book that deals with three women who have daughters that are senior’s in high school. At this particular school getting into a good college is a cutthroat experience. Some of the girls have tried hard to get into the best school possible while others expect to just get in because of their parent’s position. Some of the women are just as bad as their children about gossip and spreading things that aren’t exactly true. But there is one mother in this story who has a daughter that completely deserves to get into a good school. She also defends her child to the best of her ability.

The main reason I chose this book is that the mother who actually defends her child is one of the best mothers in this book. She wants the best for the child and actually tries to help her get the best. The problem with the other mothers is that they try to help their children for all of the wrong reasons. They also try to help them in all of the wrong ways. This book might be a wake-up call for some parents who try pushing their children into doing something they really don’t want to do. On top of that this book, may be an eye-opener on how crazy applying for college can be for kids now.

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Possession is a psychological thriller that follows Hannah. Ten years ago her husband was killed. There were a small number of people who thought Hannah did it because it seemed like the logical thing. But it was an open and shut case and Hannah was never convicted. Now ten years later a podcast is going over the case and trying to present a case as to why Hannah was guilty. And believe me, there are a lot of things that make her look guilty. But did she really do it?

So, I know this book makes Hannah out to be a really bad mother. But she’s really not. She goes through a lot to protect herself and her daughter from a really bad situation. There’s even a time when Hannah’s daughter actually thought she may have killed her dad. I know I know that doesn’t make her sound any better but she handles the situation well and doesn’t get spiteful like a lot of mothers would do.

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Crossroads may not be the best book for certain mothers. Don’t get me wrong, the book is great! The only thing is that this book follows a mother who lost her son years ago. Losing a child isn’t something you can get over unless you’re just a bad parent. This book follows Chris who lost her son young. With most parents, they are able to somewhat move on with their lives even though they have a hole in their hearts. Chris unfortunately can’t get over it. She visits where he died on a daily basis so she can talk to him. But how far would she go to bring him back?

I added Crossroads because it’s a good example of what a mother would do for her child. What a mother would do to bring them back. This is a horror book and has a few gory spots but I love how strong Chris is and how she’ll go to the end of the earth for her son. Or even for something that looks like her son.

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That Summer in Maine

That Summer in Maine has multiple POVS. It has the mother’s perspective and the two girls’ perspective. This book follows two women who went to this part of Maine for a short period of time. Both women sleep with the same man (at different times) and didn’t know about each other. They eventually find out that they are pregnant and for one reason or another they don’t tell the man that they slept with. Years later one of the girls gets in touch with him. She wants to get to know her father and resents her mom for not telling her about him sooner. She spends one summer with him and decides to find her half-sister to go there the next summer.

I picked That Summer in Maine because it deals with two mothers who are very imperfect but trying to do right by their children. On top of that, they are worried about sending their kids to a man they had a one-night stand with and never really saw again. It makes you wonder what you would do in their position and how you would handle things if you found out your daughter has a half-sibling you never even knew about.

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Little Darlings

Little Darlings is an adult horror/thriller about a mother’s intuition. Lauren Tranter just recently had twins. They are her first children and she connects with them both almost immediately after giving birth to them. Their names are Morgan and Riley. But one a woman went into her room and tried to snatch them and replace them with her creatures. She knows what she saw, but everyone thinks she’s just really tired from taking care of two infants. Is her intuition right about what happened? Or is she just sleep-deprived.

I picked this book to add to the best books for mom because Lauren is a really strong mother. She stays true to herself and makes sure she figures out what is happening despite others not believing her. But is she right about the whole situation? Or is she just delusional?

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What do you guys think about these books? Think any of them might be the perfect gift for your mom?

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